It was the closest I’ve ever been to death. A windshield was the only thing between me and a 30-metre drop into the icy waters of a fjord. And black ice does not heed commands to “stop!” I was sliding towards oblivion, the steering wheel spinning without effect, when the tyres gripped the asphalt and rolled me back towards life. I had survived another day in Iceland.

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By Natalie King

Iceland is called the Land of Fire and Ice because it is a land of extreme contrasts. Wanderlust at it’s best – this is a place where you can truly experience immense landscapes of pure, untouched beauty and towering volcanic mountains.

A steaming hot springs can be found moments away from a glistening backdrop of pure white snow, while a black desert made up of lava ash is juxtaposed by a lush landscape and aqua blue waterfall. Areas untouched by modern civilization create the perfect atmosphere to truly unwind and feel moved by your surroundings.

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OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Adventure Patrol serves up excitement with a side of indulgence.
By Larissa Kyzer

Yearn for adventure, but also want to travel in comfort and style? Adventure Patrol’s tailor-made super jeep excursions are just the ticket. Owned and managed by airline captain and adventure guide Arnar Már Baldvinsson, Adventure Patrol specializes in small and private group excursions to those hard-to-reach destinations, whether that’s the dim, cavernous interior of a lava tube or the glaring peak of a glacier. And though you may be fording glacial rivers or ascending icy summits, when traveling in one of the company’s super jeeps, the ride will always be a smooth one: these impressive machines have been modified so that their tires are able to glide over the surface of the snow, rather than sinking down into it.

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