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The Reykjanes Peninsula Adventure

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The Reykjanes Peninsula Adventure

Located on the southwest corner of Iceland, the Reykjanes peninsula is a geothermal wonder, where lighthouses outnumber villages. As a matter of fact, the Reykjanes Peninsula is where you will first touchdown in Iceland as the main airport is located on it. 

The Reykjanes peninsula has several high-temperature geothermal areas, three of which have been harnessed to generate electricity. Nowhere on earth is the junction in the earth's crust between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates as clearly visible as on the Reykjanes peninsula. The area is a veritable hotbed for recreational activities. The dramatic, rugged landscape features volcanic craters, caves, lava fields, geothermal waters and hot springs, in addition to a variety of restaurants, museums, churches, lighthouses and festivals.



  • Pick up time at hotel: 0800-0830 a.m.
  • Time frame – approximately 4-5 hours
  • Optional activities include: ATV´s, Inside the Volcano and the Blue Lagoon
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