Snæfellsnes Adventure

It wouldn't be because of a lack of things to see as to why the Snæfellsnes Peninsula isn't the first choice of a visitor to Iceland. From hot springs, to thousand year old volcanic craters, to glaciers and caves, whale watching and colorful rhyolite mountains, Snæfellsnes is loaded to the brim with fascinating things and should be on the list of anyone coming to Iceland. Snæfellsnes is the

Snæfellsnes is the finger shaped peninsula protruding westward from the center of Iceland. It has some of the most spectacular scenery Iceland has to offer including Kirkjufell, Iceland's most photographed mountain. Sea Tours on the Breiðafjörður Bay are available where visitors will often see puffins, seals, gannets and even eagles.

Ideal for a two or three day trip with activities such as whale watching, snowmobiling and boat tours available,

  • Please advise if a whale watching or boat tours are desired
  • If two or even three day trip is desired, we can organize hotels to your liking
  • Price for a day trip is ISK 43.900 per person, with a 3 person minimum
  • Private tours are also available for this adventure
  • Email us at and we will get back to you straight away