The Adventure of Landmannalaugar and Hekla the Volcano

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The Adventure of Landmannalaugar and Hekla the Volcano

This is our longest day trip but arguably the most exciting one.

Our route takes us in towards the centre of the country with our first stop roughly an hour and a half away from Reykjavík at one of Iceland’s many beautiful waterfalls, Hjálparfoss.

From the waterfall we venture into the highlands to our next stop at the Landmannalaugar thermal pools. Here you can have a quick hike around the colourful hills and peaks followed by a soothing dip in the warm pools. The scenery is surreal, so bring your hiking boots and/or bathing suit to get the full enjoyment of what Landmannalaugar has to offer.

From Landmannalaugar our journey takes us westward through Domadalur and toward Iceland´s most active volcano, Hekla. A road will lead us to heights nearing 1000m where we can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding areas, that is if the weather gods deem us worthy of such an observation.



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